Social Media Promotion Tips for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are always trying to find ways to attract potential customers. It’s not enough to simply have a property listed on the MLS listings. There are many things that can be done to target very specific buyers. This can be done through traditional advertising and doing advertising on the Internet. Many realtors use Google AdWords, using their PPC traffic which can be extremely effective. However, there are other ways that this can be done including using search engine optimization and also social media promotions. There are a couple of different ways to use social media in order to attract buyers.

Why Social Media Works So Well With Real Estate

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.When you look at the different ways that social media operates, you can start to get a few ideas as to why this could be so effective. First of all, you could create a Facebook page, for example, and begin to post the listings that you have on a regular basis. From there, you would then create “like” campaigns in order to develop a following. Some of these people will like your page simply because you are showing properties in an area where they want to move. The other way that social media can be used is very similar to PPC traffic on Google, with the exception that these are advertisements that will show up on Facebook. Let’s go over the different ways that this can be done, and then show you how to benefit from the viral traffic that is possible using social media.

Advertising Homes for Sale on Facebook

It is important to consider all of the paid advertising options that you have available, and one of the best is promoting offers on Facebook. If somebody is discussing real estate, specifically in the city or county that you have properties, this will likely show up on their Facebook feed. For example, if you are a realtor who wanted to advertise Hilton Head Plantation homes for sale, you might have a hard time targeting that exact community with AdWords. But with Facebook, you can target the Hilton Head Plantation community page (plus several others that exist) and your ads will show up in the feeds of people who have liked that page, or interacted with it. That provides laser targeting!

It’s important to note that on Facebook, the advertisements that are on the right tend to be less effective, whereas the paid advertisements in the newsfeed tend to get the most traction. You can use images and videos, and you can also have direct linking to your actual real estate website if you would like to drive traffic there immediately. However, there is a secondary effect that happens when people use Facebook for this type of advertising. It is the viral aspect which may be one of the reasons that Facebook PPC ads are so much better than Google.

Making Your Real Estate Ads Go Viral On Facebook

Thumbs up sign. 3d render.If you have an advertisement that is exceptional, one that will actually motivate people to like it, comment on it, or most importantly share it with people that are following them, you can start to get hundreds or thousands of additional viral views without having to pay for this traffic. As long as you are targeting the right keyword phrases, and the proper demographics, you can take advantage of this viral traffic almost immediately. People will begin to share your advertisements for homes for sale with people that they know who would be interested. This can actually save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every single month, and may even help you sell more homes because those that are sharing your Facebook ads are sharing this with their warm market.

Facebook is a fantastic place for real estate agents and brokers to advertise. Although the paid advertising can generate traffic very similar to Google, it is so much better because of how viral your advertisements can go. As long as you are doing your research, choosing your demographics properly, the keywords that you select will be seen by people that actually would be interested in the properties that you have for sale, helping you to make more money.