Social Media Promotion Tips for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are always trying to find ways to attract potential customers. It’s not enough to simply have a property listed on the MLS listings. There are many things that can be done to target very specific buyers. This can be done through traditional advertising and doing advertising on the Internet. Many realtors use Google AdWords, using their PPC traffic which can be extremely effective. However, there are other ways that this can be done including using search engine optimization and also social media promotions. There are a couple of different ways to use social media in order to attract buyers.

Why Social Media Works So Well With Real Estate

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.When you look at the different ways that social media operates, you can start to get a few ideas as to why this could be so effective. First of all, you could create a Facebook page, for example, and begin to post the listings that you have on a regular basis. From there, you would then create “like” campaigns in order to develop a following. Some of these people will like your page simply because you are showing properties in an area where they want to move. The other way that social media can be used is very similar to PPC traffic on Google, with the exception that these are advertisements that will show up on Facebook. Let’s go over the different ways that this can be done, and then show you how to benefit from the viral traffic that is possible using social media.

Advertising Homes for Sale on Facebook

It is important to consider all of the paid advertising options that you have available, and one of the best is promoting offers on Facebook. If somebody is discussing real estate, specifically in the city or county that you have properties, this will likely show up on their Facebook feed. For example, if you are a realtor who wanted to advertise Hilton Head Plantation homes for sale, you might have a hard time targeting that exact community with AdWords. But with Facebook, you can target the Hilton Head Plantation community page (plus several others that exist) and your ads will show up in the feeds of people who have liked that page, or interacted with it. That provides laser targeting!

It’s important to note that on Facebook, the advertisements that are on the right tend to be less effective, whereas the paid advertisements in the newsfeed tend to get the most traction. You can use images and videos, and you can also have direct linking to your actual real estate website if you would like to drive traffic there immediately. However, there is a secondary effect that happens when people use Facebook for this type of advertising. It is the viral aspect which may be one of the reasons that Facebook PPC ads are so much better than Google.

Making Your Real Estate Ads Go Viral On Facebook

Thumbs up sign. 3d render.If you have an advertisement that is exceptional, one that will actually motivate people to like it, comment on it, or most importantly share it with people that are following them, you can start to get hundreds or thousands of additional viral views without having to pay for this traffic. As long as you are targeting the right keyword phrases, and the proper demographics, you can take advantage of this viral traffic almost immediately. People will begin to share your advertisements for homes for sale with people that they know who would be interested. This can actually save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every single month, and may even help you sell more homes because those that are sharing your Facebook ads are sharing this with their warm market.

Facebook is a fantastic place for real estate agents and brokers to advertise. Although the paid advertising can generate traffic very similar to Google, it is so much better because of how viral your advertisements can go. As long as you are doing your research, choosing your demographics properly, the keywords that you select will be seen by people that actually would be interested in the properties that you have for sale, helping you to make more money.

Website Marketing And Promotion Tips For Bail Bonds Companies

Business marketing and promotion are what makes a business stay ahead of the competition. A majority of business owners feel that in ordered to get their business off the ground, they need to increase brand visibility as well as have a great physical location.

The truth is that these things are important, but a bail bonds business should also consider promoting the business online. Why? Because the bail bonds niche is generally an “emergency niche,” meaning, people are looking for a service provider in a hurry. And when people need help fast, they typically go online.

Notepad with online marketing concept

With this in mind, what are some website marketing and promotion tips for bail bond companies?

1. Create a Website

For web marketing and promotion to be possible, you first must have a website. The internet is where people of all ages go to find professionals in the bail bonds industry. Searches for a bail bondsman are often done at all hours and often from a mobile device. Therefore, a bail bonds company website should be accessible via all devices and should also be ranked on search engines in order to be found.

2. Using Videos and Images

Research has shown that visual content tends to attract people’s attention more than mere text. Therefore, it is advisable to use images and videos on your website. You should use these videos and pictures to show your personality on your site, as well as services. You can achieve this by shooting personal videos that introduce the owner and explain your services. You might also create a more commercial type of series of videos that shows a person who has been incarcerated and bailed in the process.

3. Flexible Website and Loading Time (Responsive Website)

What does this mean? Well, it just means that the website should be flexible and have a fast loading time. This will help you rank better on the search engines, which will increase traffic and users. Moreover, research has shown that a majority of people in America use their mobile devices to access the internet. With this in mind, it is advisable to have a website that is compatible with every device.

4. Taking Advantage of SEO and Social Media

SEO is one of the most important marketing tools online. SEO is a method that helps rank a website better online. Better rankings result in better traffic from search engines. Social media is another platform one can use to promote your business. Social media is considered the holy grail for online business due to the ability to make your message go viral. In other words, it is a good source of traffic as well as user conversion.

5. Coupons and Coupon Codes

One of the best ways to improve conversion on a bail bonds services website is through coupons and coupon codes. They mainly offer benefits such as showing that you care, giving service discounts and much more. But most importantly, to people who are searching for an immediate solution, offering a coupon can encourage that user to select you over your competition.


Keep in mind that potential clients are already looking for your service. For this reason, it is paramount to ensure that navigating through your website is easy, no matter the device they use, which in the bail bonds industry is mainly a mobile phone. Make sure your information is very visible and include click-to-call features for mobile users to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. By applying just a few of these tweaks, you can see your traffic and calls increase dramatically.

3 Key Metrics To Report To Clients On PPC Campaigns

Do you provide weekly or monthly search marketing reports for clients? How do you decide what data goes into these PPC reports? There are several metrics you can use to gauge the success of the PPC campaigns of your clients, but it’s important to realize that they serve different purposes. It’s important that your clients understand what these metrics mean in terms of growing their revenue. In this resource, you will learn the key metrics to report to clients on PPC campaigns.

Traffic-Focused PPC Metrics

Notepad with words PPC pay per click concept and markerMost search marketers default to traffic focused metrics in an attempt to measure how effective their PPC campaigns are. These include click-through rate and cost per click. Most advertising platforms provide traffic-focused metrics at a glance, making them extremely simple to understand. While these data serves as a good starting point, it’s important to understand that they do not do a great job at depicting the overall picture of your campaigns.

Traffic-focused metrics allow you to determine whether there is enough search demand for your service. They also tell you how many people respond to your online advertisements. However, they do not indicate how much profit you generate from your campaigns. For this reason, it’s important to look beyond traffic and start focusing on conversions.

Conversion Focused PPC Metrics

It’s surprising to learn that there are still countless businesses that fail to set up conversion tracking. If you are already tracking your conversions, then you are already better off than most of your competition. If your marketing dashboard doesn’t have tools for PPC reporting, then you can set up conversion tracking easily enough on advertising platforms like Google AdWords. Keep in mind that this data shouldn’t only include web leads and sales. You must also factor in phone leads in your conversions. Recently, Google has introduced a solution for tracking call conversions for AdWords advertisers.

What’s great about conversion-focused metrics is that they tell you how many leads your campaigns were able to generate. However, they do not tell you how many people availed of your service and how much revenue you raked in. This is why you must use another metric that ultimately gives you information about your bottom line.

ROI Focused PPC Metrics

If you truly want to know how successful your PPC campaigns are, then you should start looking at the golden metric which is ROI. While traffic and conversions can tell how many people are interested in your service, measuring your revenue on a per lead basis enables you to determine the exact campaigns, ads, and keywords that increased your bottom line. This way, you will know where you are making or losing money, allowing you to optimize your future PPC campaigns.

You might be surprised upon learning that your campaigns that receive the highest amount of traffic and conversions may not have the best ROI. Without looking at how valuable your conversions truly are, you will never know where to focus your marketing efforts. You might make adjustments to the wrong campaigns, which essentially means putting your time, effort and resources to waste. Fortunately, it’s easy to set up any PPC platform to produce ROI focused metrics.

Understanding The Purpose Of Each Metric

As a PPC marketer, you must understand that all of the metrics mentioned above are available. The key is in understanding the purpose of each metric. Knowing your traffic data enables you to determine whether the search demand for your ads is good enough to pursue your campaigns. Conversion data give you an idea of how effective your online ads and landing pages are at attracting new leads. And ROI data help you determine the worth of each conversion to your company’s bottom line.

The Secrets Of Running A Successful Website

If you have your website up and running but don’t have a clue about attracting targeted visitors, you can use these quick tips to get the ball rolling:

Utilize Videos – Web visitors are a lot less patient than they use to be. Given the option to watch videos over reading a new book, your web visitor will probably choose to watch an informative and educational video over reading a book that drones on and on. If you don’t know how to create a video and upload it to a site such as YouTube, you can either outsource it to a website such as Fiverr, or you can use our services to help you.

When creating a video, make sure you pick a topic you’re knowledgeable about, and feel comfortable discussing at a length. IN other words, if you choose a topic that you could discuss for hours on end with friends and family, this is probably the topic you want to use for your video creation. After you’ve created the video or had the video created for you, be sure to upload it to a video sharing site such as YouTube. Don’t forget that YouTube is not the only video sharing site out there, there are many others, so be sure to explore your options (we do that automatically for you).

Create captivating podcasts – Podcasts are another popular form of reaching out to your fellow subscribers and visitors. They’re easy to create, and they enable you to connect directly to your audience. Also, some people prefer listening to a podcast rather than watching a video. People on their work commute, for example.

Create forum accounts and interact regularly – Create a spreadsheet of forums that are related to your topic. Be sure to store the forum URL, your username, and your user password on this spreadsheet. Be sure to regularly contribute valuable information to these forums. You may have the option to share your website link in the signature area of your account, if this is the case, take advantage of this resource. AS you contribute to threads with valuable information, people will click on your URL link in your signature, and will be redirected to your website.

Article promotion – Content or articles is another promotion technique that may be utilized. Previously, people use to write articles and redirect readers to their websites using the author box that was required for article directories. Because people often took advantage of this technique, Google doesn’t recognize it as highly as they use to. Still, it’s a valuable asset and it still works; just to a lesser degree.

Comment on other blogs – Some blogs have left the comment option available. If this is the case, be sure to contribute something useful and share a link back to your site. Just don’t spam your link all over the place.

rising business graphGuest blogging or guest posting – This has become a valuable way to contribute your wealth of knowledge to other interested readers, as well as promote your very own website. Some top websites in your niche need help generating content ideas and will enlist the help of people who are knowledgeable about your particular topic. If you’re awesome at writing and know a lot about your topic, consider reaching out to other website owners and asking if they need help generating content for their visitors in exchange for a mention of your website. You can often times get the ball rolling by suggesting possible content topics.

While this list isn’t comprehensive in any way, it’s enough to get things moving in the right direction. If you need help getting started or are overwhelmed by the entire site promotion process,

Contact us today so we can work out a custom package for you.